/Capture-Image /ImageFile: /CaptureDir: /Name: /Description:Description /ConfigFile: {[/Compress:{fast|max|none} /Bootable ...

/Capture-Image /ImageFile: /CaptureDir: 
  [/Description:Description] [/ConfigFile:] 
  {[/Compress:{fast|max|none}] [/Bootable] | [/WIMBoot]} [/CheckIntegrity] 
  [/Verify] [/NoRpFix] 

  Captures an image of a drive to a new WIM file. Captured directories include 
  all subfolders and data. You cannot capture an empty directory. 
  Use /ConfigFile to specify the location of a configuration file that lists 
  exclusions for image capture and compress commands. 
  Use /Compress to specify the type of compression used for the initial capture
  Use /Bootable to mark a Windows PE volume image as able to be booted. 
  Use /WIMBoot to capture the image that can be applied with WIMBoot 
  Use /CheckIntegrity to detect and track WIM file corruption. 
  Use /Verify to check for errors and file duplication. 
  Use /NoRpFix to disable the reparse point tag fix. 

      DISM.exe /Capture-Image /ImageFile:install.wim /CaptureDir:D:\