/Capture-CustomImage /CaptureDir: /ConfigFile: /CheckIntegrity /Verify /ConfirmTrustedFile Captures image customizations ...

/Capture-CustomImage /CaptureDir: 
  [/ConfigFile:] [/CheckIntegrity] [/Verify] 

  Captures image customizations into a new WIM file on a WIMBoot system. 
  Captured directories include all subfolders and data. You cannot capture 
  an empty directory. Note: this command only captures the customization 
  files. It cannot be used to capture the installation files into a new 
  Use /ConfigFile to specify the location of a configuration file that lists 
  exclusions for image capture and compress commands. 
  Use /CheckIntegrity to detect and track WIM file corruption. 
  Use /Verify to check for errors and file duplication. 
  Use /ConfirmTrustedFile to validate the image for Trusted Desktop. See 
  http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=309482 for more information about 
  supported platforms. 

      DISM.exe /Capture-CustomImage /CaptureDir:D:\