/OU: For Custom, /OU specifies where the account should be created. /DomainSearchOrder:{GCOnly | DCFirst} Specifies the policy ...

[/OU:]                       For Custom, /OU specifies where
                                        the account should be created.
[/DomainSearchOrder:{GCOnly | DCFirst}] Specifies the policy for searching
                                        computer accounts in Active Directory
[/NewMachineDomainJoin:{Yes | No}]      Specifies whether or not a new computer
                                        (one that is not prestaged) should
                                        be joined to the domain during
                                        the installation. The default is Yes.
[/OSCMenuName:]                   Specifies the display name of the
                                        OSChooser boot menu option. This
                                        setting is only available on
                                        Windows Server 2003.
 [/Enabled:{Yes | No}]                  Enables or disables logging of the WDS
                                        client actions.
 [/LoggingLevel:{None |                 Sets the logging level.
                 Errors |               None is the same as disabling logging.
                 Warnings |             Errors indicates that only errors
                 Info}]                 will be logged. Warnings includes
                                        warnings and errors. Info includes
                                        warnings and  informational events.
[/WdsUnattend]                          These options control the unattended
                                        installation options for the WDS
 [/Policy:{Enabled | Disabled}]         Enables or disables unattend
 [/CommandlinePrecedence:{Yes | No}]    Specifies whether an Autounattend.xml
                                        file (if present on the client) or
                                        an unattend file passed using the
                                        /Unattend option will be used instead
                                        of an image unattend file. The default
                                        is No.
 [/File:]                Specifies the file name and path of
                                        the unattend file.
 [/Architecture:{x86 | ia64 | x64}]     Specifies the architecture of the file.
 [/AutoAddPolicy]                       Defines which clients the server will
                                        respond to.