/OU: For Custom, specifies the OU where machine account should be created. /DomainSearchOrder:{GCOnly | DCFirst} Specifies ...

[/OU:]                       For Custom, specifies the OU where                                         machine account should be created. [/DomainSearchOrder:{GCOnly | DCFirst}] Specifies the policy for searching                                         machine accounts in the directory                                         service. [/NewMachineDomainJoin:{Yes | No}]      Specifies whether or not a new machine                                         (for example, one that is not already                                         pre-staged in Active Directory Domain                                         Services) should be joined to the                                         domain during operating system                                         installation via Windows Deployment                                         Services client. The default value is                                         'Yes'. [/OSCMenuName:]                   Specifies the display name of the                                         OSChooser boot menu option. Note:                                         this functionality is only available                                         on Windows Server 2003. [/WdsClientLogging]  [/Enabled:{Yes | No}]                  Enables or disables logging of WDS                                         client actions.  [/LoggingLevel:{None |                 Used to set the appropriate logging                  Errors |               level. None filters out all events                  Warnings |             and is logically equivalent to                  Info}]                 disabling logging. Errors is the                                         lowest level of logging and indicates                                         that only errors will be logged.                                         Warnings includes both warnings and                                         errors. Info is the highest level                                         of logging and includes errors,                                         warnings, and informational events. [/WdsUnattend]                          These settings control the behavior of                                         WDS client unattended installation                                         options.  [/Policy:{Enabled | Disabled}]         Specifies whether or not unattended                                         installation is used.  [/CommandlinePrecedence:{Yes | No}]    Specifies whether an autounattend.xml                                         file, if present on the client, or a                                         an unattended setup file passed                                         directly to the Windows Deployment                                         Services client via the /Unattend                                         switch will be used instead of an                                         image unattend file when installing a                                         client computer. The default is 'No'.  [/File:]                Specifies the filename and path of                                         the unattended installation file.  [/Architecture:{x86 | ia64 | x64}]     This setting must be used to specify                                         the architecture of the unattended                                         installation file. [/AutoAddPolicy]                        These settings control the auto-add                                         policy.
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